Industry Overview

The Retail Market in Texas has continued to grow over years past and is even recovering from the 2020 pandemic-induced vacancies. The retail markets are the strongest in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio for Texana Builders and our resume attracts many developers and first time operators to be a valuable member of their project team.

Navigating the Industry

Common Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for our clients the amount of competition that builds in this market. There is always another general contractor out there claiming they can build these projects cheaper no matter what the price is. When in reality they can not and this tactic is only used to get the clients attention, but ultimately costs money and time on the projects.

Texana Solutions

Texana offers their retail clients a trusted partner that will guide them through the whole process of the project and be transparent with costs and variables of the specific project. We build projects with the goal to give our client the most “bang for their buck”, where price is very important but quality and maintenance goals must be met at the same time.

Hear From a Client

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Let’s Build Something Together

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