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Pre-Construction Services

The main purpose of pre-construction is to eliminate surprises once the ground is broken and to build as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The best way to achieve this is through collaboration and communication.

For a successful construction project, pre-construction services are crucial. Not only do they allow the client to see the outcome of the project, but they also streamline the process and form budgetary proposals to ensure that the best use of time and financial resources is made.

Construction Services

Managing construction projects involves dealing with the project owner, stakeholders, and team members. It also requires the construction manager to manage their workload, allocate resources, and report frequently during the execution stage. The goal of construction project management is to deliver the best product for the client, and the end result is a project that is successful, on-time, and within budget.

Our project management team are good communicators, motivate their team, and delegate tasks to ensure that the project runs smoothly. These professionals at Texana excel at ensuring quality control, schedule milestones are met, financial needs and reporting of the project flow smoothly, and making sure our clients are happy throughout the process.

Design and Build Services

The design build project delivery system has proven to be a very successful project delivery method on each of the project markets that we build in. The primary benefits of this delivery system are cost control, lowered construction costs, and a faster schedule. In addition, the single contractor is more effective at managing construction-phase risks, which means fewer lawsuits and claims and a more accurate accounting of construction costs.

In addition, design-build is a project delivery system that clearly defines lines of responsibility, making the process easier to follow, particularly for inexperienced owners. Design-build project teams often work together, and the process allows them to focus on the quality of work. Quality builders are also able to surpass client expectations, making it easy to avoid project delays. Design-build projects tend to be faster and cheaper than traditional construction methods, so they are a good choice for many projects.

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