Industry Overview

Despite taking on a devastating blow in 2020 from Covid, the restaurant industry is back on track in a positive direction. There are still many clients building restaurants and taking advantage of second generation locations. There are many different types of restaurants operators that include fine dining, counter service, drive in only, and national operators.

Navigating the Industry

Common Challenges

The challenges for many of these restaurant operators is being able to work with a contractor that has restaurant experience and is able to handle the high amount coordination necessary to successfully build a restaurant. Restaurant operates also need a company large enough to meet their growth needs and build in multiple locations they have.

Texana Solutions

Texana brings an enormous amount experience to their restaurant clients with having built over 100 restaurants. Texana also has multiple offices within Texas and the staff necessary to meet their growth needs. Texana’s restaurant knowledge is unmatched and gives us the ability to allow our clients to avoid pitfalls.

Hear From a Client

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