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Kiran and her family executed a lease for large fine dining restaurant space in the heart of Houston. The client engaged an architect and they recommended that the client obtain 3 bids after the design was complete. The client had been in the restaurant business for a very long time but was not up to speed with current construction pricing and timelines similar to what they were undertaking.


We were contacted by the client after several months of them working with the designers and getting bids from other contractors. The clients were distraught that they had spent so much time and effort on the design to only find out afterwards that the construction pricing had come back extremely over their budget. In addition to not having construction plans they could afford, their negotiated time in the lease was used up and they were going to have to start paying rent on a space that they hadn’t even started construction on.


With a commitment from the clients to utilize Texana’s services, we dove into the project and begin a value engineering process. Texana was able to work with the client and designer to revise certain scopes of work allowing the budget to get into an acceptable range for Kiran’s. Texana was also able to begin the work on the project while the remaining design items got completed. Once engaged by the client, Texana worked hand-in-hand with all parties of the project to bring this well known chef’s dream restaurant come true. The restaurant has to continue to be a great success in Houston and the clients have even expanded the restaurant. Of course, Texana was involved very early on the expansion project and we were able to avoid all the problems they had experienced on their first project.

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